Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nadelstern Puzzle Quilt class - more is more!!!

At the Karlsruhe Nadelwelt quilt show, Paula Nadelstern gave classes as well as displayed some of her finest quilts. I had the pleasure of taking her Puzzle Quilt class.
This class is based on several of her design principles, including:
  • Use kaleidoscope techniques and ideas on simple blocks to create your own unique designs
  • Use complex fabrics to create visual interest
  • Enjoy the process of using coordinating fabrics to hide the block seams, creating a different block
We were also treated to a personal tour of her quilts on display at the show, she even showed us a few of her quilt label signature blocks.

Here are a few pictures from the class, the blue-green block is mine.
The Puzzle Quilt book is good to buy and read before class, the teaching reinforces the book.

I can heartily recommend this class if you want to enhance your design skills and love playing with the patterns on the fabric.
One thing I miss is seeing quilts by students who have learned these techniques in the internet. Her quilts are samplers of the blocks, done in her current fabric line. Let me know if you see anyone who's used these techniques.
My quilt (only 1 block so far) will not be a puzzle quilt, but rather a design using the techniques I learned to make a quilt I love.

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