Monday, December 23, 2013

Thread catchers

Fun, fun, fun! and easy too.


Here's how:
  1. Take a hoop about 4 inches in diameter (e.g. cut out of a yogurt container, boning (used for corsets), or the inside of an embroidery hoop. Hoop should be no more than about 1/2 inch high.
  2. Cut a circle out of Decovil that fits inside the hoop. 
  3. Cut one piece of batting the same size
  4. Cut 2 circles out of fabric 1 inch larger than the Decovil
  5. Use the yo-yo making method to cover the Decovil with one piece of fabric and the other piece of fabric covers the batting. Sew both yo-yos together to make a padded disc.
  6. Cut a piece of fabric about 9 inches by about 14 inches (for a 4 inch hoop). The 9 inches is a little more than twice the height of your finished basket.
  7. Fold the long edges over 1/4 inch and press
  8. Sew the short ends together, forming a cylinder. Do not turn right side out. 
  9. Position the hoop in the middle of the fabric cylinder and fold the cylinder over so the hoop is in the center and the two edges are aligned.
  10. Stitch the hoop tightly in place.
  11. Sew the inside of the hoop to the top of the padded fabric disc (the padded side)
  12. Sew the outside to the bottom of the disc. 
  13. Close the thread catcher by twisting the hoop and pressing it down over the disc. It should fit snugly.
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