Sunday, December 2, 2012

Numbers for the stocking exchange, or math is good

We had a little puzzle - how to give out and pull numbers for the stocking exchange and the raffle?
At first I'd made some cute little BFQ numbers on paper, but when I realized that we also needed something for the raffle, I wanted to find a way to make it easier. Click here to hear how easy it was.
DH couldn't resist jumping into the question and well, and he gets the credit for this idea.

See picture of one raffle ticket.
I had 2 bags for the drawings.
We tore off tickets from the roll in the following sets of 3:

The highest numbers we marked with an S for Stocking, the middle ones got a red stripe because those went into the red bag.
When a person signed in, if they brought a stocking, I dropped the S ticket in the stocking bag, the red one (= BFQ member) in the red bag, and gave them the blank ticket.
When the drawing came, I only had to subtract 1 or 2 from the number I pulled to get the ticket that the member had.
It worked pretty well, I made one error along the way (Sabine) but that was the worst. The best part about these numbers was no one knew when their number would be called, which kept the excitement high.

If someone wants to do it next year, we'll only need two tickets, since there won't be a raffle.
Pretty nifty, huh? And I got to use arithmetic during the meeting. Enhanced by wine. :)

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